Green Transportation Options

Green transportationPersons are now wising up to the reality that non-renewable resources of power will run out sooner or later. In consequence, the environmentally friendly movement, which encourages more earth responsive choices, has thrived. From eco-friendly structures to hybrid means of transportation to maintainable farming customs to going organic, there are a lot of means to go ecologically aware. One of the finest means to go green is to select a much ecological transportation system.

Hybrid vehicles are increasing in admiration and a huge number of individuals all over the globe are wanting to buy these means of transportation or starting to think through them on a greater scale. Hybrid vehicles by and large merge two sources of energy for vehicles, frequently with consistent gas as the substitute choice. A number of vehicles use compressed natural gas or CNG as fuel, and they have very little discharges. By the same token, in countries in Asia, a lot of trucks have a liquefied petroleum gas or LPG kits mounted in them. This price is not as much as that of the other types of gas. Moreover, the releases are nearly insignificant. Electric powered vehicles are likewise increasing in fame. Anyone may have to finding the middle ground on velocity with these automobiles but then again they can be certainly charged and energy is much inexpensive than fuel or further energy choices. The future may yet perceive vehicles and cars functioning by the use of solar energy. Lots of studies are delving into solar and any time soon you may just perhaps witness solar motorized automobiles create their way on to the marketplace.

In a number of countries, the idea of eco-friendly trains has been presented. These trains make use of long-lasting magnet engines that deliver increased thrust chain effectiveness. Next to this, the grip energy is also condensed and is made less harmful, thus minimal to zero harm is instigated to the environment. The functioning price of these trains is likewise comparatively minimal and this is maybe the objective as to why a lot of new trains are founded on this notion.

How to Go Green in our Simple Ways

LED Bulb

The effects of global warming are apparent in today’s environmental changes. The weather tend to change drastically from time to time, there is constant rise of water level on Earth as snow in the Arctic Ocean is starting to melt due to too much heat from the sun, and species are starting to die in tons or disappear or migrate unnaturally. These occurrences are all effects of global warming that is being caused by man’s continuous destruction of Mother Nature. Though scientists say that it will take thousand more years to repair our planet, it does not mean that we just sit back and relax as there are a lot of simple ways to go green.

Turn Off Unused Appliances – This is one of the very basic ways to conserve energy and to avoid wasting energy. Whether it’s a lighting system, your laptop, iron, or your TV, this should be turned OFF when not in use or whenever you plan of not using it for even just 10 minutes. When left in its power mode, it still continues to consumer energy, which then goes to waste because it’s not being used after all.

Walk for Short Distances – Leave your car keys at home and walk. Walking will not only help you save gas expenses, but will also help flex those muscles. It is one form of exercise that everyone is required to perform at least 30 minutes a day. On the one hand, you can also use bicycle or any other form of transportation that does not make use of gas. This gas is one of the most renowned pollutants on Earth and daily emission of harmful gases to the environment thru car exhaust can potentially create more damage to the ozone layer, which can trigger the effects of global warming.

Go for Hybrid Cars – Though these are apparently costly, these promise several advantages and care for Mother Nature. It is dubbed as hybrid because these neither emit harmful gases to the air. Aside from that, it’s also made of environment-friendly materials that let you travel from one place to another without sacrificing the environment’s natural state.

Use LED Lights – There is no doubt about the rising popularity of LEDs. Thanks to its numerous benefits, especially in its capability to consume less amount of energy, LED lighting systems are all over the world. Furthermore, these are very easy to maintain, don’t emit ultraviolet rays, and only produce bright white lights. These are the main reasons that a lot of countries are now using LED street lights from the conventional incandescent lights.

Technically, these are not too much to ask for Mother Nature who has been in an unstable condition for years. A lot of countries have been experiencing too much cold or too much heat while others are complaining for the unnatural loss of their natural resources. Let us all act together and save our planet.


Helping the Environment through Green Transportation

It is deliberated in political discussions, in our bulletin, on our TV, and perhaps even at your galley table. Nearly everybody has a view in relation to it. But notwithstanding of what your opinions are with reference to the health of our earth, we can all perhaps agree that it is significant to take caution of the globe. Here are a number of useful methods that you can carry out to encouragingly affect the wellbeing of the world and perchance increase your health on top of it.

Whenever you are arranging your transportation, design with the fitness of the earth in concentration. Despite the fact that it is not realistic to imagine all Americans to desert our cars and walk all over the place, it is convincing to lessen the damaging impact of our conveyance needs. The first hands-on way you can ease up on your negative influence on the earth is to find drives. If you can organize a carpooling scheme with a co-worker, you will be able to cut back on how frequent you are on the road smouldering fuel, which will be kindlier to both the surroundings and your wallet.

One more way you can diminish the amount of time consumed behind the helm is to ride your cycle. If you catch yourself often driving residences that are a smaller amount than five miles far, consider relying on your bike, as this cuts back on the damaging releases from your car and is better for you. If you purchase a bag for your bicycle, you can make us of your bike to run everyday jobs close to your household. Travelling by means of your bike is also sympathetic to your wallet, by means of helping you drop off the amount of fuel you purchase and will likewise aid you not purchase stuff you do not need.

Finally, look into community transportation. Most municipalities have a number of systems of public transport, be it train or bus. More metropolises from corner to corner in America are totalling public transportation selections; for example, Dallas lately generated The Dart to aid ease the traveller traffic. Study the public transportation of your city and understand if you can clasp a ride to your place of job or to the supermarket.

The Museum has Purchased 5 Pallet Trucks to ease the moving of Heavy Equipments

Technology helps people ease the burden of work and because of these new inventions; we can now have the chance to do heavy work and even carry heavy equipments. Just recently, the museum has purchased the so called pallet trucks for their personal use. One of the main uses of these pallet trucks is to carry or lift heavy objects or equipment. This has been the reason why museums ordered or purchased five items of the said pallet lifter.

Most of the business industries nowadays are already using the said equipment. Pallet truck manufacturers make sure that they can be able to produce the most durable truck to make sure that men operating the said equipment are safe upon carrying heavy equipments or heavy objects. You can also decide to have your lifter if you knew that you need something to carry heavy objects.

Trucks like these are really advantageous in several ways aside from the fact that it lessens the burden of workers in carrying huge cargos. This indispensable tool will help you make a fast work since pallet jacks will not get tired unlike human workers. Therefore, you have to see to it that your truck is properly maintained before using.

Here are some ways for you to know for you to be able to make use the said equipment properly.

  1. Lower down the pallet jack fully. Before carrying the cargos, you have to make sure that the pallet is fully lowered down. It is the pallet which will have to carry the cargo; therefore, it must be locked after being lowered down. This is one way to ensure that cargos will not go down upon transportation.
  2. Raise the jack of the truck until it almost reaches the floor. When transferring one cargo to another place, make sure that the jack is raise to the floor where you wanted to transfer the cargo. This is also important to ensure that cargos being carried will not be damaged as well.
  3. Lubricate it with grease every day. As one way of maintenance, make sure to regularly lubricate the pallet of the truck. You have to do it as daily as possible to ensure the smooth performance of the pallet especially when being used in carrying heavy objects.

People in the museums must take note of these tips for a safe way of use of their pallet lifters.

Home Control Protection System Helps Improve Security of the Museum

A lot of innovative technological advancements have emerged over the past few years. Advancements such as home automation control systems have become a good way to save money on security. Because of such technology, operational costs tend to become lower than not having these systems installed. Not only do these systems provide peace of mind and reduce human error, but they also save a lot of money in the long run especially on insurance and utility.

That is why Yukon Transportation Museum decided to incorporate a home control system from Tricity Electric. This will save them costs in operations as well as grant them extra security and protection.

What the Systems Do

Home control systems are used primarily to control different subsystems such as air conditioning systems, water sprinkles, humidifiers and most importantly security systems. All components are programmed and controlled by a single control panel located at the main office and at the same time it can also be controlled using a smart phone or computer.

Remote access is also possible by incorporating it into the design. You can control this via phone or internet-access. With this, an assigned security personnel can check onto the museum even while their away making it easier for them to monitor anything that goes on inside.

Heating and cooling systems can also be programmed in the control panel. This can be done automatically or manually depending on the situation. Also, sprinkler systems can be programmed in as well. Automated components can really help in saving utility costs. Like for example automatically switching off the lights when no one is around or air-conditioning system that slows down when the air is cool enough.

This energy saving feature can also help our environment.

Saving Lives and Providing Protection

Aside from saving money, Tricity Electric home control systems are also credited for enhancing safety and protection within the vicinity of the museum. The system consists of alarms that set off when there’s fire or smoke detected as well as the presence of carbon monoxide.
These systems also have motion detector technology that will help avoid burglars or any trespassers from breaking in the museum’s premises. This proves to be very useful since the museum has a lot of valuable items that must be kept secure. Some systems can also incorporate a feature that automatically contacts authorities such as the police or fire department.

Customized Systems

Home control systems  can easily be custom-fitted according to the requirements of any household or establishment. This new technology really helped in making this museum more efficient in terms of operations, safety and protection.

Chrysler Canada keeps second place in ’84 car sales

For the second consecutive year, Chrysler Canada Ltd. has emerged as the runner-up in car sales, edging out Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. again in 1984, although still in third spot when combining car and truck deliveries.

With a 16.8 per cent sales increase to 166,658 cars in 1984, Chrysler held off a surge by Ford, which delivered 162,452 cars last year. For Ford, that was well ahead of its 1983 total of 128,034 and was its best year for car sales since 1979. Chrysler is based in Windsor, Ont., while Ford is based in Oakville, Ont.

As it has for many years, General Motors of Canada Ltd., Oshawa, Ont., retained market leadership, delivering 363,357 cars – a 12.6 per cent increase over its 1983 performance. That position will not change this year, but the race for second spot should tighten further.

Total car sales for the four North American manufacturers, including American Motors (Canada) Inc. of Brampton, Ont., were 724,563, a 15.5 per cent improvement over 1983. Truck sales for the four producers jumped 39.2 per cent last year to 261,832.

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Suzy comes to the Transportation Museum

On Wednesday April 27, Ken Jones, Yukon Transportation Museum President received the keys to “Suzy” from Mrs Doris Peterson.

The aircraft, a Smith DSA-1 was built by veteran bush pilot Herman Peterson in Atlin in the early 1960′s. The “miniplane” first flew the skies of Atlin on July 15, 1967, and over the past 30 years has put in a total of 191 hours and 50 minutes. Continue Reading →